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Peace & Harmonies of Rifkin


Danny Rifkin

Daniel Rifkin

Producer: Daniel Rifkin

Number of Songs: 3

Peace & Harmonies of Rifkin

01. Going Down, Down, Down, Down
02. Be My Destiny
03. Inner Voice

Danny Rifkin originates from Chicago, where early influences included progressive rock bands such as Moby Grape, Love and the Byrds, and folk musicians such as Dylan and Tim Buckley. Classically trained on the oboe as well as guitar, his melodic original songs derive from among these influences. Today he draws inspiration from the likes of songwriters such as John Hyatt and Richard Thompson.

Moving to southern Illinois to attend college in the 70's, he dabbled in country-rock and bluegrass music, playing with a local band Prairie Dawgma. Arriving in Denver in the late 80's, he found an opportunity to play his original music with his band Bonobos, who has played events and clubs throughout the Metro area to this day. As a prolific songwriter, his original music can be found on his first and second CDs "Peace of Rifkin"and "Lasting Peace of Rifkin" as well as this 2020 LP "Peace & Harmonies of Rifkin". Also with his band Bonobos, his music is featured on their CD "Critical Transition".